Flexible. Smart. Electric.

When it comes to choosing an electric car, it’s a jungle out there. That’s why we started Electric Zoo. We are
revolutionising the way you use electric cars to inspire transition away from combustion for a cleaner, safer future.

Forget what you know about electric car leasing. Because
we’ve flipped it on its head. And made it pink.

Electric Zoo offer an all-in-one solution, making it easier than ever to drive an electric car. We’ve made it affordable too. But we haven’t reinvented the wheel. Instead, we kinda stole the idea from a mobile phone contract. After all, isn’t an EV just like a smartphone on wheels anyway?

Introducing: Pay-as-you-go-Electric

By the day, month or week if you are so inclined. Everything is included in one fee: the EV, insurance, maintenance, Road Tax, MOT (where applicable).

But that’s not it.

From finding the best EV for you, to supplying and installing a workplace or home charger, we’ve got you covered.

We can also help your business set up an electric car Salary Sacrifice scheme too.

Go Electric The Easy Way. Click on the chat box below or email us at to get started

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