We are here to assist you with the transition of your business To Go Electric The Easy Way

You have probably been thinking about introducing electric cars into your business to demonstrate that you and your business really care about the environment we live in, how you can improve employee satisfaction and retention by allowing them to drive electric cars which are zero emission and less stressful to drive than ICE cars

The team at Electric Zoo can carry out EV Suitability Studies to analyse the use of your current ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car fleet to find the ideal electric car replacement with demonstrated savings in money and carbon dioxide. We can provide a bespoke service to supply all electric cars, charge point installation for work and home taking care of all grant documentation, our unique billing solutions for employees using home charging to define electricty costs related to charging the car and spliting from the household use which removes any issues over payment entitlement for both the employee and employer.

We relieve you of all the burden, thus leaving you free to carry on with what you know best – your business!

As every business is different, we take the time to chat to you about the things that are most important to you about the electric car/s that you and your employees would like to drive, that’s why we want to understand your requirements in detail before providing you with the solution that’s best for you