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What’s the best EV for a family?

By 17th April 2018 May 22nd, 2020 No Comments

We get asked this a lot. The first thing we say is ‘how big is your family?’. If you’re an average one with 2 kids, it’s easier when picking a car of any kind.

Presuming you fall into this category, we would look into what type of things you plan to do in your car. The mileages you generally do every day are a big factor on the type of car you choose – as it how much you’d like to spend every month.

A great family car is the Nissan leaf. Why? Because it has one of the biggest boots for an EV around. We know that moving kids around is a major logistics operation. School bags alone, present us parents with a daily packing routine. The car seats five in comfort (so at least one of the kids can bring a friend home for tea) and has a generous 435 litres of space.

In terms of mileage, this EV will get you an average of 170 miles on a full charge and that’s enough for most people with a family.

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