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Electric Zoo Smart Tech Box

By 24th August 2020 December 8th, 2020 2 Comments
Lash Saranna explains how simple it is to run an EV Suitability Study by using the Smart Box Tech by Electric Zoo.
The Smart Tech Box will be delivered to you and all that is needed is for the unit to be placed in the glove box for 30 days, Once the 30 days have passed you simply return the device back to Electric Zoo in the supplied packaging.
Once the device has been returned Electric Zoo will gather all the relevant information and prepare your EV Suitability Study within a few days and have this emailed to you once complete.
It really is as simple as this, We do not hardwire any equipment to your vehicles our unit is as simple as you can possibly want.


  • Alan Baxter says:

    how did you come up with the idea for this, it’s incredibly innovative

    • Lash Saranna says:

      Hi Alan
      Thanks for taking the time to watch our Smart Tech video, glad to know you like what we have achieved with this as it enables us to demonstrate how much money and carbon you can save by switching to an electric car!