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Elmtronics Tesla Model 3

Electric Zoo had the pleasure of handing over a Tesla Model 3 to Natasha Fry from Elmtronics last Friday, it has to be said Natasha is the most excited person we have met so far in 2021, we think the Tesla had something to do with it!

This is Natasha’s first time having her own electric car after many years of driving the old combustion engine variety it was time for Natasha Fry to take the step into a cleaner future now she has been with Elmtronics for over 18 months now.

We are so happy to be able to support and help get people like Natasha and forward green-thinking companies such as @Elmtronics to get into an electric vehicle whilst making the journey as easy as we can.

We hope she has many years of amazing EV driving & there is nothing easier than helping promote the future when you have first-hand experience daily.

Happy EV driving Natasha and thank you Elmtronics for choosing Electric Zoo to #GoElectricTheEasyWay

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Elmtronics Tesla Model 3