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CHARLIE ‘The Tall Photographer’ GOES from ICE to NICE

By 16th February 2021 February 24th, 2021 No Comments
Charlie Budd

I’m now electric!

Big thanks to Electric Zoo for sorting out a NISSAN LEAF so quickly after my old diesel jalopy permanently ground to a halt (it’s now gone for automotive organ donation).

Cheers Craig Tonge for the ‘crash’ course on how to use this lovely bit of tech and Charnjit Saranna and Lash Saranna for all the advice and support.

It’s SO easy to drive, and of course it’s incredibly, incredibly quiet.

I’ve been wanting to switch to electric for several years – but finances and wanting to keep my old car going as long as I could precluded it.

So no more exhaust emissions, and we use green energy at home where I’ll be charging it 99% of the time.

Electric Zoo do short term leases if you want to try different vehicles, which is what I’m doing. And they’re SO helpful. Maybe it’s time you electrified yourself?

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Charlie Budd

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