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Are Electric Vehicles Akin To A 1973 Mobile Phone?

By 29th April 2021 No Comments

Do you remember 1973, it was the year of the birth of the Mobile Phone & also the birth year of our team member Craig, you may be thinking so what is the link to this and the photo below?

When the first mobile phones made their appearance into the world, many people instantly pushed back with the thought of carrying such a device and the change it would bring to many around the world.

Over the years the mobile phone has changed in size and functionality, do you remember when they announced you could send text messages and then take photos from these devices, things were moving really fast!

The early mobile phones came with batteries the size of a briefcase that would require a full day to charge but then technology transformed the devices into the phone being a handheld unit until boom!

The ‘Smart Phone’ revolution hit and to this day, it is the prime thing that we cannot live without, and let us not forget we charge it daily or even half daily, but somehow we manage to do it without any effect on our daily lives.

Today, many people view electric vehicles as we viewed mobile phones back in 1973. Some say electric vehicles are not the future, you ‘must stop and charge every 50 miles, for which I don’t have the time in daily life

This is where the link lies between the mobile phone and electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle technology is growing fast, we are now charging every 150 miles at rates of 350kW and gaining more technology within the vehicles to keep us fully entertained whilst charging. Battery life is guaranteed by the OEM’s for a minimum of 8 years and second life uses are aplenty.

You are probably reading this using that device you charge every day, you know, the one that apparently would never be the future!


History once again making a greater impact than people thought 10 years ago.

Team Electric Zoo

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