About us

Charging the way forward

Having grown Autobahn Porsche from 1985-2012 into Europe’s largest independent Porsche Centre, Lash Saranna saw the future of the automotive industry. And that future is electric.

Electric Zoo was founded off the back of Lash’s incredible experience and knowledge. He has grown the brand to bring awareness and education around the switch from combustion to electric, to create Pay As You Go Electric.

And that is the motto of Electric Zoo.

Lash and the Electric Zoo team work passionately to make your journey to electric as easy as possible. If you’re thinking about going electric but don’t know it’s right for you, then check out our SmarTech tool. If you want to explore tax-efficient Salary Sacrifice electric car leasing, then  Electric Zoo has experts on hand to guide you through the process. And if you want advice on greening your fleet, then we’ve got experts for that too.

We don’t just lease electric cars, we drive them too. So if you would like to talk to a team with a wealth of experience, then contact us at hello@electriczoo.co.uk. From choosing your car to plugging it in for the first time, we’ll be with you the whole way.