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Harbury e-Wheels

Harbury e-Wheels had been served notice of termination from by their supplier of electric cars which would have meant their mobility service to the senior citizens in their community would not have had and free transportation to attend medical appointments, go shopping or visiting friends and family

Electric Zoo stepped in to provide two electric cars, a Renault Zoe 40kW and a Nissan Leaf 43kW to allow different options as the cars offered Harbury e-Wheels the ability to use the car most appropriate for number of occupants

Harbury e-Wheels have long term security for the use of electric cars with fixed costs to enable assured availability for their community thus allowing them to plan for a more sustainable future


From placing the order, great communication with up to the date information relayed. Very informative regarding vehicle specification / performance – would highly recommend this company.


Looking at some really exciting projects with Lash and they team in regard to inputting electric charge points into the office parks and industrial estates we manage, great bespoke solution. Also really helpful in installing a charge point at my home and sourcing the right type of Electrical Vehicle for me. Really knowledgeable about the sector and easy to deal with.

Jim Mackie

Great and innovative way for a company leasing cars, and you always feel like part of the family.


This is clearly the future of cars. We were able to lease a great Nissan leaf for 3 months at a really reasonable rate. Craig is super knowledgeable and helpful.

The car is a joy to drive, and petrol cars feel so sluggish and noisy to drive now! I never want to drive a non-EV. I’m looking forward to trying out the new Zoe when they are in stock. It’s so great that Electric Zoo makes it so easy and affordable to try out EVs.

Can’t recommend them enough.

Stefan L-S Jensen

Lash, the CEO is an EV pioneer, and Electric Zoo and their technology can really help people and companies take advantage of the great benefits of EVs.

Rich Bishop

Loved meeting the guys from Electric Zoo. Really friendly and approachable, and happy to explain all the ins and outs of electric vehicle ownership. They’ve also got some great cars (and fun ones) to show off and allow you to try out. If you’re looking to replace your car soon, whether you’ve thought about electric or not – get in touch with them!

Paul Wongsam

I came across Electric Zoo online while looking to switching to electric cars. They were accommodating from the first point of contact, providing clear information and giving me pointers on how to green my business, not just looking to sell me some cars. I would recommend anyone in business considering electric vehicles or anything related to electric vehicles to speak to them.

Claire Taylor-Powell

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lash and Charnjit of Electric Zoo UK over the past few weeks, as we are participants on the same business growth course. What has become apparent to me during this time is their passion for the electric vehicle revolution and their determination to shape the future of this life-changing movement. Their desire and enthusiasm to create long-lasting and profound change for the benefit of all life on this planet is heartening and inspiring. As someone who is waiting excitedly to join the EV movement, I know I will be in safe hands with Electric Zoo UK.

Martin Douglas Hendry

In a world of gone electric there are a number of companies that are looking to make their mark in the world of EV; and there are those who are set to lead the pack. The guys at Electric Zoo are so switched on (if you pardon the pun) and will be making some serious moves in the coming years.

Rupert Wilson

If you’re in the Coventry area and thinking about an electric vehicle definitely speak to Electric Zoo. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the range of vehicles that are available from Twizzy to Tesla. They can guide you through the process whether you are an individual or a business and are far more knowledgeable than your average car dealer. You might even meet them at a local event like “EVs in the Park” where we chatted to them recently over a coffee.  www.evitp.co.uk

Simon Perkin

Lash and Sukhi at Electric Zoo were very helpful indeed in introducing me to the electric car. I was impressed with the car (the Niro) – great spec and the ease of re-charging gave me the confidence I need to go electric; I was surprised at the long-distance the car can travel without re-charging and also by its responsiveness which is not compromised due to it being electric. Thank you.

Neil Curtis

The team at Electric Zoo are brilliantly knowledgeable and a complete pleasure to deal with. Thanks, everyone.