Harbury e-Wheels

Harbury e-Wheels had been served notice of termination from by their supplier of electric cars which would have meant their mobility service to the senior citizens in their community would not have had and free transportation to attend medical appointments, go shopping or visiting friends and family

Electric Zoo stepped in to provide two electric cars, a Renault Zoe 40kW and a Nissan Leaf 43kW to allow different options as the cars offered Harbury e-Wheels the ability to use the car most appropriate for number of occupants

Harbury e-Wheels have long term security for the use of electric cars with fixed costs to enable assured availability for their community thus allowing them to plan for a more sustainable future

Levl Telematics

Levl Telematics, one of the UK’s leading telematics suppliers were contemplating transitioning to electric cars but could not find the right provider for them as there is a lack of information and mis-guided information. Not knowing which electric car would be best to begin their EV journey or how to go about the right charge points for home and work

The Team at Electric Zoo were able to ask a few simple questions as to how they were planning to use the electric car, their key requirements for size and range and finally their budget. This initial discussion allowed us to find the ideal electric car with the best charge points for home and work place. Within one week we were able to deliver the car Covid-Free and have the charge point solutions in place

Levl were able to switch to electric vehicles following an initial 5 minute journey planning discussion, this has now allowed Levl to further enhance their business offering to include telematics for electric fleet management