The Future of Mobility… Coming Soon…

The world of mobility is facing its biggest change in over 100 years. With the Electric Car Club from Electric Zoo, you can keep up.

We are bringing you the UK’s first electric only car club, where you can book electric cars available to drive on demand, through our easy-to-use app. Simply book the amount of time you need to drive for, and collect your fully charged and insured vehicle at your nearest station.

With 24-hour support available, there has never been an easier way to get from A to Z, all whilst cutting your carbon emissions.

Be good to your wallet, be good to your planet.

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So what are the Pros?


Only use when you need it -

Why own a car which is not used for 96% of the time?

Access whenever YOU need it

You get full access to a car without owning one!

Say goodbye to contracts!

No more commitment to long term contracts

Cut down on overhead costs!

No more insurance/maintenance/road tax/valeting costs - we handle everything!

Always box-fresh

One hourly fee for a brand new electric car!

Need a station for your organisation?

Leave it to us!

With electric car club, you have a unique opportunity to be market leaders, boost your Corporate Social Responsibility, and offer your members a true benefit to working on site.

However, the benefits don’t stop there! By joining the Electric Car Club, you can reduce the number of cars on site, the number of parking spaces required, and you can offer the future of personal mobility TODAY.

Get ahead of the game with Electric Car Club.

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