No fleet is too big or small for us to supply electric vehicles for fleets.

If you have one vehicle or twenty vehicles, Electric Zoo can help you to move from ICE to NICE with our Electric Vehicle Fleet Supply.

We can also have our Smart Tech unit. This can map your fleet’s movements over a period of 30 days, after 30 days our software will show you and your business the savings on fuel and carbon footprint.

If you would like Electric Zoo to help with transitioning your fleet and show you the benefits of moving to fully Electric, then why not drop us an email or arrange a callback from one of the Electric Zoo team.

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Do you have a small business running a fleet of 1-5 vehicles, Do you want to go electric? We will save you valuable time by handling the conversion of your fleet for you.



Do you have a growing fleet of 5-20 vehicles, and you realize the benefits of switching to electric. Your growth may cause this process to feel massive, so let us ease your pains.



You have an established fleet of over 20 vehicles, or may be a fleet manager in charge of overseeing the costs and satisfaction of your employers. Go electric the easy way.



At Electric Zoo we offer a concierge service for Businesses to Green their Fleets, as well as the employees who use their own vehicles to claim back mileage costs, this incorporates:

Full consultation, compatibility studies, and planning to fully understand your Fleet requirements for all electric Vehicles whether they be cars or vans.

We will align the delivery of your new Electric Vehicles with the return of your current Fleet, where required we can handle the disposal of your Fleet.

Should the new Electric Vehicle delivery schedules exceed your current Fleet returns, we will liaise with your current supplier for extensions and or the use of interim vehicles to be made available in line with the delivery of your new Electric Vehicles.

In essence, we provide a complete service to make switching and Go Electric The Easy Way for businesses which will also assist them to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility, reduce pollution, and make significant cost savings.

We are brand agnostic, therefore we will work in the interest of the Businesses who are our clients.



Electric Zoo was awarded the Green Fleet IT Innovation Award 2020 for our Smart Tech technology. A small unit that has the ability to gather the data from your current ICE vehicle over a 30 day period.

After the 30 day period, our bespoke software will map out the vehicle’s movements over the period and the results will show the savings that can be made from the switch to fully electric not only in costs in the vehicle but also in carbon footprint.

If you would like more information on our Smart Tech Unit or would like us to analyze your fleet then please drop us an email or you can use our call back booking system here: ( CLICK HERE )