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Here are a few Electric Vehicle FAQs & answers to our most commonly asked questions!
Hopefully, you can find what you need here, but if not, feel free to get in contact today!

Here are a few Electric Vehicle FAQs & answers to our most commonly asked questions! Hopefully, you can find what you need here, but if not, feel free to get in contact today!

It is now a proven fact that batteries in an electric vehicle produced today have a life span exceeding 10+ years. We have even seen electric vehicles with over 250,000 miles on the clock still with battery health of over 94%.

By charging your car overnight, you can do it in your sleep! Most customers do this so the car is always fully charged for the day ahead.

Using a rapid charger, most cars can be charged up to 80% in under 30 minutes. A home charge, on an installed EV point, usually takes around 7 hours.

This varies for each car depending on the battery capacity, small city cars will have 80 miles and bigger cars can have 250 miles.

We will always discuss your requirements to make sure we find a car that suits you and your lifestyle.

Going on a journey will always require proper planning in any car and it is the same with an EV. The best way to get the most out of the journey is to plan ahead and maximize the charge time. You can use the time to catch-up on social media, work, eat, and enjoy the break.

There are now in excess of 33,000 live Public charge point connectors available across the UK and growing daily.

Most EVs will also allow you to plan your journey either on their App or directly from the car display, highlighting where to charge on-route or at the end destination as well as showing the nearest charge point to you along the way.

It’s the same as running out of petrol or diesel, as you can call the AA or RAC and they will either give you very small charge or recover you to the nearest charge point.

The car will warn you well in advance of you running out of charge, and it will continue to warn you as the range gets lower; giving you circa 20-30 miles to find the nearest point.

Yes, you can have an electric car without the need for off-street parking as you can use public charge points, you could also get your employer to install workplace charge points.

Plus, there are several public places, such as shopping centres that offer FREE charging! We think that there will soon be loads more charging points available and Coventry (our home town) now has in excess of 35+ rapid chargers and over 300+ lamp post chargers.

You will not have to wear rubber gloves to drive in the rain (unless you really want to) as electric cars are totally safe in any weather. That said, it’s best to treat them like any other type of car and not drive through floods etc – you might get wet feet.

Most EVs are simple to operate and so you will be able to sit back and not worry about clunky gear changes in heavy traffic. Modern EV’s have a forward and reverse mode, making them easy to operate. At lower speeds, you will not even need to use the brake due to the additional re-generative brake action causing the car to decelerate as you ease of the accelerator pedal.

Great news! Another money and time saving feature of electric cars is the minimum amount of maintenance required as they only have one tenth of the number of moving parts compared to petrol/diesel cars.

We’re often asked about warranty and what happens if my EV has a fault. All cars, including petrol/diesel, are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most are now three years, but this can vary on the model, and usually 60,000 miles. If your EV is less than 3 years old, then you can take it to the franchise dealer to fix the problem. If you’re not sure you can call us and we’ll help you sort the issue.

Like all Electric Zoo customers, if we are supplying and fitting the charge point for you then we will assist you with the grant application on your behalf. We supply and fit most of the OLEV approved charge points, we also supply and fit bespoke charge points from Vehicle OEMs to enhance your ownership experience and or to befit your home and lifestyle even though these charge points may not qualify for any grants.

If you like to be in the driving seat, you can simply log onto and go through the online process yourself.

We will arrange for an OLEV approved electric engineer to visit you for the installation of a charging point at your home or office. There are alternatives, like getting it done yourself, but let’s face it – that can be tedious.