Mayor of Leamington Spa Goes Electric With Electric Zoo


Electric Zoo had the pleasure of presenting the Mayor of Leamington Spa with her new Electric Zoo #ebike


The Mayor will be conducting her ceremonial duties in the town of Leamington Spa on her new Electric Zoo branded e-bike whilst also promoting the Leamington Spa clean air program


We hope the Mayor’s Electric Zoo e-bike will encourage others to take up cycling as the electric assistance removes the strain of riding around a varied landscape whilst reducing our carbon footprint by not using petrol or diesel road transport


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The Electric Zoo Team are committed to making a difference to peoples lives, especially in the local community where we live and work as it is so much more personal to us! Since 2010, way before Electric Zoo was a concept in the minds of the Founders, Lash and Charnjit were determined to make a difference and help those less fortunate in society with the first major event being for Lash to run the London Marathon going through the pain barrier and ending with major leg surgery but still completing the gruelling 26.2miles whilst Charnjit helped with the fund raising in excess of £4k for Barnado’s.

Although the marathon gave way to various charity walks over the years, the 10th Anniversary of this event has just passed us by in April 2020 and Electric Zoo continue to help the community with sponsorship of The Bears Wheelchair Basketball Team.

No-one could have predicted the Covid-19 Pandemic which has affected just about everyone in the world, near and far, we at Electric Zoo wanted to help the nearest to us in our local community by working with Kenilworth Covid-19 Support and Warwick District Council to use our Fleet of Electric Cars staff to deliver Food and Medicines to those self isolating and the most vulnerable, all emission free!

We have offered the same services for collection and delivery of vital PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from London to Warwick to be sanitised and delivered onto front line workers in the NHS. Our Tesla Model X has joined in the Clap for Carers, these are just some of the things we have done and continue to do with more to follow…

Planting Trees with Electric Zoo


Here at Electric Zoo, we have a passion for the planet. It is one of our key driving forces for doing what we do. That is why we are officially committing to plant a tree in the name of each customer that we win. We truly believe that going electric is a huge step forward for helping to save our environment. However, the preservation of our planet and people is reliant on so much more. That is why we are making this commitment: to help begin the shaping of a better future for the whole of humanity. Why not be part of this journey with us?

The Forest of Hearts is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) promoting accessible and sustainable agroforestry, or “Forest Gardens” which exist for enjoyment, education, volunteering and also support good causes” Registered Charity No. 1160589. Supported by a board of trustees, the Forest of Hearts has small team of professionals and is looking to engage a large membership of supporters and volunteers who share the same aims.

The Forest of Hearts works in partnership with other charities and community organisations to create places of purpose and pleasure which help individuals to develop skills, confidence and friendships that like the Forest Garden itself can grow and thrive.

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