Your lease on your terms

Wouldn’t it be nice if leasing a car was as simple as your weekly online food shop? Well, it is now.

Welcome to Electric Zoo’s PAYG Electric, where everything you need is included in one fee.

Our subscription model includes:

  • The EV
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Road Tax
  • MOT (where applicable)

    All you’ve got to do is: choose the car you want, the leasing term, and your mileage.

OK, so there are a few little bits you need to take into consideration:

Required Documents: For an even quicker electric car leasing process, have the following documents to hand – Driving License, NI Number, Utility Bill / Bank Statement, Payment Card.

How does PAYG Electric work?

⁃ Electric Zoo are on hand to help you choose an EV to suit your needs; from the head-turning Tesla Model 3 Performance to the super popular VW ID.3.

⁃ If you don’t know which electric car is best for you then try out our SmarTech. This little unit will help analyse your current vehicle usage to determine which electric car will fit you like a glove, from your glove box.

⁃ Once you’ve chosen a car, pick your electric car lease term. This can vary from one day to 24 months.

⁃ Next up: mileage. Our Smart Tech unit can help determine how many miles a month you currently drive, otherwise, choose anywhere from 800 miles (included with your first month) to 1000+.

⁃ Insurance is essential for peace of mind, for every time you reverse park on an inclined corner (just me?). We now provide insurance as standard with our “one fee” approach.

⁃ Before we let you drive off into the sunset, we need to know who you are. Plug in your personal
information, like your driver’s license and a bank statement, and then enter your payment card details.

Yup, we’re a fan of our prices too.

⁃ At the checkout stage you’ll receive a collection / delivery confirmation for your PAYG electric car lease.
NB: delivery is offered at £1.80 per mile from Coventry Train Station.

⁃ All that’s left is to take delivery of your electric car and *chef’s kiss*. PAYG Electric. We love it.
See, told you it was easy.