Salary Sacrifice

Lease a car through work, save thousands a year

Salary Sacrifice is a super tax-efficient way to pay for your electric car lease. So efficient, in fact, that you won’t even notice you’re paying for it.

Sitting neatly between a Personal and Business lease, Salary Sacrifice allows you to pay for your electric car lease directly from your salary – before tax.

By reducing the taxable portion of your salary – and including insurance and maintenance within that tax-free payment – you can effectively chop off up to half of your monthly motoring costs.

All you’ve got to do is give Electric Zoo a call, and we can set the whole thing up for you.

Here’s why Salary Sacrifice helps you Go Electric the Easy Way:

For Employers

It costs nothing to set up and maintain

It’s HMRC compliant, so there’s no complicated paperwork. Just set up the electric car lease payment with payroll,  and you’re good to go. And because it’s an electric car, employees only have to pay 1% Benefit-in-Kind tax.

Offer Salary Sacrifice as a benefit

Because it’s free to set up and maintain, Salary Sacrifice is a perfect benefit to offer your employees. They’ll get to save money and drive an electric car, while you get to incentivise and attract new talent.

While your employees save, you do too

As Salary Sacrifice will reduce an employee’s income tax and National Insurance payments, you’ll also pay less in employer's national Insurance contributions. And, you can take advantage of the scheme too. Everyone’s a winner.

Show that you care

Setting up an electric car benefit scheme within your business can help reduce your overall emissions, helping you to deliver on your ESG and CSR promises. It’s also great PR, showing that your business cares about the environment and your impact on it.

For Employees

Save while you drive

Salary Sacrifice is the most affordable way to lease an electric car. Pay for the lease, maintenance and insurance directly from your monthly salary pre-tax and pay less income tax and National Insurance contributions. And for 2021-22, Benefit-in-Kind tax is only 1%.

Save more than tax

Driving electric comes with a ton of money-saving benefits. From “filling up” for less than £15 (or for free at certain charge points) to paying no road tax, switching to an electric car with Electric Zoo can save you thousands a year.

Enjoy hassle-free driving

As Salary Sacrifice is in effect a Business Lease, there’s no need for a personal credit check. Payment is taken in one lump sum directly from your salary, and everything you need is included. All you’ve got to do is charge up and drive.

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