We can provide and install the most appropriate charge points for your business for the best performance, aesthetics and suitability for your power supply whether it be Solar, Battery Storage or direct from the Grid.

For reference we have highlighted 3 of the most popular charge points in the UK, these are very easy to use, look good and perform extremely well, so simple anyone can plug them in and charge electric vehicles!

If tech is what you like, then we have the latest range of Smart Charge Points which can link to Apps to your mobile phone and electricity supply to enable charging from your finger tips or at the most cost effective tariff and time to suit your requirements.

From plug and play through to facial recognition and hand stitched leather finishes, we can cater for every budget and every use case requirement you could ever possibly want, just ask us and we will find the best solution for you.

Being brand agnostic we will always recommend the best charge point/s for your requirements as no two businesses are the same and we are not franchised or tied into a particular brand. Our only interest is the best value for money and performance which works for you.

To make life easy for you, we remove all the stress and strain by personally surveying your home or work place, recommending the best charge point for your use case, taking car of all government grant applications, planning, supply and installation of the exact charge point of your choice, leaving you to enjoy the ease of simply plugging in to charge and unplugging to drive away…

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E.O. chargers are perfect for charging-up at home. Just choose your power rating, then your plug type, and finally, whether you want software or not. Simple.


Zappi is an Electric Vehicle charge point that has an array of features & flexibility. The first on the market to maximise your home/businesses micro-generation of Solar or Wind.

Pulsar Plus by WALLBOX

The Pulsar Plus is designed for the ideal balance between size and the performance you need for a smart charging at home, providing a minimalist look.