At Electric Zoo we offer a concierge service for Businesses to Green their Fleets, as well as employees who use their own vehicles to claim back mileage costs, this incorporates:

We use the latest technology which is simply placed into the glove box. We can analyse your current ICE vehicle usage, from which we can find your ideal electric replacement car, with demonstrated savings in money and carbon dioxide.

Should we not demonstrate a saving, our services will be free.

A full report is provided to the Business which highlights the benefits of going Green and saving the Business money with such topics as the Corporation Tax Relief and government Grants which are available to assist with the switch to electric cars.

For Employees, we cover all the points relating to Salary Sacrifice and the reduction of Benefit in Kind for Company Car Tax to only 0% from 2020.

Electric cars cost less than 5p per mile when compared to ICE equivalents, which are way in excess of triple the amount.

In a nutshell, the more miles you do, the more money you save by going electric!

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