The smart way to choose

Electric Zoo believes everyone can benefit from an electric car. But sometimes it’s hard to see just how much.

Whether you want to green your fleet of cars, or forget about paying hefty mileage cost claims from your employees, we can help find the best electric car for your needs.

With SmarTech we can analyse your current car – or fleet of cars – to show you how you can make the most out of switching to electric. Our business is to show your business all the benefits of driving electric.

What’s so smart about it?

Well for starters, all it takes is to put our small SmarTech unit in your glove box and forget about it for a while.

The unit will analyse your current vehicle usage over 30 days, and from that we can work out how much you could be saving in fuel. And emissions. And if we can’t demonstrate a saving with our SmarTech, then our services are completely free.

Our Smart Tech service:

Within our report we will highlight everything your business could benefit from when switching to electric, including Corporation Tax relief and the savings you could make with various Government grants.

We’ll also calculate your fuel savings. With electric car charging costing less than 5p per mile, the more miles you do the more you’ll save.

And we will also show your employees how much they could be saving when paying for their electric car lease via Salary Sacrifice and only 1% Benefit-in-Kind tax. (*Hint: it’s a lot).

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