Meet the team with decades of experience in the Automotive industry

The Team at Electric Zoo is here to guide you through your journey to your first Electric Vehicle. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service, and we are certain that we can help you find your perfect ride. Our mission is to spread awareness and education in order to lead to increased uptake of Electric Vehicles.

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Lash founded Autobahn Porsche in 1985 growing it into Europe’s largest Independent Porsche Centre retailing new and used cars.

In 2012 my world changed as I viewed it through the eyes of my 12 year old daughter who wanted to one day attend university to study Global Sustainable Development, this realisation lead to a handover of the business, which I had developed over nearly 30 years free of charge to my employees.

Since then, the focus has been on providing education to transition Businesses to Electric cars with zero emissions to help reduce carbon and air pollution, thus in the process converting myself from a petrolhead to a volthead!




Having been the finance director for Autobahn since 1985, Charnjit is extremely qualified with the finances of the automotive procurement and supply chain now  using those skills as CFO for Electric Zoo.

Charnjit has been key in the development of the company as she completely shares the vision of using electric cars to help drive down our carbon footprint, assisting to create cleaner air thus improving our lives.

Porsche has always been close to Charnjit’s heart as she can testify through her ownership of 911’s, Cayenne’s and Panamera’s and now she’s loving the electric dream as she awaits delivery of her new Porsche Taycan, the Porsche with the soul electrified!




Sukhi first joined Autobahn whilst studying for his degree at Aston University, he worked in the accounts department part-time, following the completion his graduation he joined the business as it transitioned from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)  to NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine).

Utilising his knowledge of working with numbers Sukhi specialises in providing critical data analytics for the EV Study Surveys which Electric Zoo carry out for Businesses who want to have demonstrated figures of how much money and carbon dioxide they will save by switching from ICE to EV.

Furthermore, Sukhi assists to generate vehicle quotations for salary sacrifice, leasing and short-term rentals.




Craig is Mr EVtastic!! One of the very early adopters of Electric cars, he is a walking encyclopaedia of all things EV as walks, talks, sleeps (including sleep walking) EV’s.

His love of his first electric car, the Renault Zoe lead him to form the Renault Zoe & ZE Owners Club, which is Europe’s largest free electric vehicle owners club, not content with this Craig has also been busy creating EV’s in the Park, the UK’s largest free electric vehicle event hosted in Coventry every year since 2017.

My passion for electric vehicles is helping me drive the future to a better place, says Craig who has been a complete volthead since 2014/15, no wonder he was presented with the EV Champion 2019 trophy at the Green Fleets Awards.




David commenced his working life with the Bank of Scotland in Retail banking progressing to International banking where he gained his Associate and Members Qualifications for the Institute of Bankers in Scotland.

David set up the Mann Island Finance Division for the West of Scotland where he gained an in-depth knowledge of the prestige broker marketplace.

David set up Forward Asset Finance in 2007 based in Glasgow which he has developed into Scotland’s leading finance broker with representation of such Finance Houses as Alphera, Aldermore, Close Brothers, Hitachi and Paragon.